Should I've seen this coming
Should I've known this
Shouldn`t have let it happen

My mistake alright
Stuck again
Doing my thing
Too alike yet far apart
What felt so good once is breaking me
And tearing us apart again

Don`t you see
We`re in this together
You and me
One on one forever

I know it`s self-inflicted
We`re way too desperate
Way too addicted
But I can`t help the way I feel
I know it`s time to be strong

Now when all hope is gone
And when what felt so good once
Is breaking me

And tearing us apart again

And in your troubled eyes I see
Someone who carried me somehow
Like footprints in the sand
You`ve been behind me all along
We got it wrong from the start
Now it`s you and me

Let`s hit it on
Don`t you see it`s you and me against the world

`cause we`re in this together...


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